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Borderless Color Inclusive Arts Academy

Art is about PROCESS & PLAY! We invite everyone to explore & create with us!

We make art accessible to everyone. By creating an enriched experience, we assist in helping those with disabilities find a voice through creativity and community-based activities with the ultimate goal being to improve confidence, independence, creativity, and overall quality of life for ALL our students.

Art is for Everyone!

Our overarching goals encompass a multifaceted approach to education, aiming to cultivate enriched learning experiences by seamlessly blending PROCESS and PLAY, with a specific emphasis on instilling a profound appreciation for the arts. We are committed to providing students with numerous opportunities to showcase their creative endeavors, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. Additionally, our mission extends beyond the classroom as we actively engage in community-based projects, utilizing the transformative power of the arts to connect and contribute positively to our local surroundings. Amidst these ambitions, we hold a fundamental principle dear – to ensure that our educational journey is not only impactful but also enjoyable. Embracing the philosophy that learning is most effective when accompanied by enjoyment, we wholeheartedly advocate for the inclusion of FUN as an integral aspect of our educational endeavors.

“Art is conceived as a social practice, a process, an embodied aesthetic and sensory experience that takes place between individuals.”

Levy & Young, 2020

What Our Students are Saying

"Our 5-year-old absolutely loved Borderless Colors “Mommy and Me” class! Being exposed to different art mediums, literature, and hands-on activities, as well as learning about how our differences make us special was a great part of our morning. The inclusion aspect of this class touched my heart so much- loved that my little guy is learning how to work and play with others who have different abilities. We’ll definitely be back!"

 Megan Leonard

"Kali teaches real art and her students produce real art (not “crafts”) through her guidance. As both a speech-language pathologist and an artist, Kali seamlessly combines her love and knowledge of art with her ability to teach art in a comprehensible way at an appropriate level of complexity and evaluate the learner’s comprehension, adjusting her instruction accordingly. As a result, she is able to make art instruction appropriate for anyone. Students learn so many different things about art (and much more) while having loads of fun and tapping into their creativity. It’s the best art instruction available."

Mary Lobdell

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